Citypuzzles - 206 Early Spring by Jebraltix

Map Description:

Longest year yet, had my first siege, built an arena, the baron arrived, lost many dwarves as usual, population:98, and I have started minting coins.

Point of Interest: Arena

Many battles will soon be fought here. - Jebraltix

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-01-12 to 201 Early Spring

I added a point of interest to help people find the starting wagon (top right corner of map). I'm amazed at how flat this place is. Haven't your dwarves heard of mountains?

Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-01-12 to 201 Early Spring

I honestly dont like the mountains, I like a nice and flat area for plenty of room to build constructions.

Submitted by: THLawrence - 2009-01-12 to 202 Early Spring

You can probably import Star Rubies. I do on my fort. I have about 30 of them stockpiled. Don't know what to do with them or the other 800 imported cut gems I have stockpiled.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-01-17 to 206 Early Spring

Liking the Arena. Reminds me of the crystal maze (tm) for some reason. Any significance of the colours?

Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-01-17 to 206 Early Spring

The colors are purely decorative.
EDIT: Im also under siege right now, Ill try and make a video.

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