Wheeledchews - 2049 Early Spring by Deathworks

Map Description:

The fortress is now 40 years old. Considering that age, it seems rather small, but then again, for almost 30 years, it was only manned by 8 dwarves, and the remaining 10 years, it were 9 dwarves. I also lost quite some time trying to get them to breed (without success).

Currently, I have restarted enlarging/improving the fortress, adding a second storage room for coins.

I will put the breeding aside until I feel comfortable with some things (I checked, dwarves get more than 100 years old according to the raws).

Point of Interest: The bridge (sideview)

( 2049 Early Spring → onwards )

Actually, some last digging channels behind it is still necessary, but in this view, you can already see the bridge as it was conceived.

I know, it is only a small thing, but I do like having these "pillars" supporting the bridge (floor constructions) like that. - Deathworks

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Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2009-02-07 to 2029 Early Spring

If you don't mind me asking, how did you get square tiles? what are your init.exe settings? or did you use a tileset?

Submitted by: Deathworks - 2009-02-07 to 2029 Early Spring


I have not done anything to the settings. As far as I can tell, the original tiles are already square, but usually they are stretched to fill the screen. While I play the game, they are the stretched tiles we all know and love :) :) :) I guess that when the local images were extracted, the tiles were returned to normal.

That is all I know. I haven't messed around with the graphics at all.


Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-02-07 to 2029 Early Spring

The tileset used above isn't square. You can tell for yourself by looking at the windows.

If you want a sqaure curses tileset, all you need to do is enabled [GRAPHICS:YES] and voila, instant sqaure tileset. Or you can just copy 'curses_square_16x16' over your existing tileset. So the windowed option would look like:
(assuming default grid)

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-02-20 to 2049 Early Spring

Why arn't they breeding? I have couples in my fort that have over 6 kids!

Submitted by: Deathworks - 2009-02-20 to 2049 Early Spring


Well, first of all, it were only 3 males and 6 females, with only one pair of lovers. The two never married in the 11 years until he was killed by a bear (becoming the first and only dwarf to die in the fortress). So, I only have 2 males and 5 females (no new love possible for No. 6) left to create new couples. With 8 dwarves and too big ambitions, my dwarves rarely have time off, so they don't fall in love with each other (although, I have given them some time off for a while - maybe they simply don't have lovable personalities?).

So, the problem is basically that I have 0 married couples -> no breeding. And 0 love couples means no hope for any marriages soon.

I have now decided to engrave the maze slowly while finishing some buildings that should speed up metal craft/decoration production. - Basically, I hope I can give my dwarves more free time after improving the efficiency of the fortress.

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-02-21 to 2049 Early Spring

You're IMPORTING orthoclase? Are you MAD?

Submitted by: Deathworks - 2009-02-21 to 2049 Early Spring


I also import Hematite blocks to get some red building material - and they are really expensive (look at the top level of the trade depot tower - that level is completely built of them). Stones and blocks are actually so cheap and heavy, they are really good things to import (before I dug out a little bit for the tower and the maze, I also imported microcline, my absolute favorite)

But my real insane luxury are actually the fortifications: They are all made of brass blocks made out of imported metals (^_^;;

But then again, this is supposed to be a trade-heavy fortress. Or is there something wrong with orthoclase only?


Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-02-21 to 2049 Early Spring

Nothing wrong with using the caravan to get stuff.

It's just, when I play, I can't dig two squares without one of my miners tripping himself over microcline or orthoclase (or olivine or alunite).

The idea that you're using the trade caravan to import the stuff struck me as bizarre, but to each there own.

I typically order hard to get things like Gems, metals I can't get on my map and sometimes GCS silk (for 'carpeting' made from GCS silk ropes).

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-02-21 to 2049 Early Spring

Cool bridge, good details for your road system.

Submitted by: Deathworks - 2009-02-22 to 2049 Early Spring


Thank you for your kind words, Markavian. Currently my roads are getting improved by marking my high traffic zones with granite block floors in order to get rid of all the stone in the maze.

Sinergistic: Well, at first this fortress only consisted of the tombs, the well and the food stockpile area. The latter was dug into soil, so no stones from there, and the tombs and the well produced mostly granite, gneiss, and mica. Ah, and I got flint from flattening the hill in the SW corner. There was a bit of orthoclase, but not even half of what I needed, and initially no microcline.

Now that I added the tower and the maze, I too have struck microcline big time as you can see, so there is currently no need to import it.

But this has taught me two things:

1. Ordering stone with each caravan is good so that the caravan will be able to take with them even heavy trade goods (for instance if I want to get rid of old, inferior furniture).

2. Buying metal and then selling half of it turned into crafts/decorations yields so massive a profit that this alone allows you to buy a lot of goods. This allows for importing stone instead of digging new tunnels just to get stone - in other words, I need only dig if I want to create a new room and not when I need some material.

Well, at least for me, that is quite neat.


Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-02-22 to 2049 Early Spring

Thought: There's an infinitely deep pit on my map, I'm going to try dumping unwanted furniture and such items down there to get rid of them.

Submitted by: darkflagrance - 2010-05-10 to 2029 Early Spring

Although I like the orthoclase color scheme, I feel that you would have been better off ordering native gold instead to boost fortress value.

Other than that, imagining the approach to your fort gives me a sense of nostalgia.

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