Helmedcombine-aut-10005-sp-win-10008 - 1001 Early Spring by jplur

Map Description:

Part of the "World of traps and attractions"

So consider this a spoiler

Point of Interest: This is how you farm GCS silk

Don't worry, somehow I managed to get him on a chain. - jplur

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-02-23 to 1001 Early Spring

What? A GCS chained in a large room in the belly of your fort... I smell a boss battle for adventuring adventurers.

Submitted by: jplur - 2009-02-24 to 1001 Early Spring

That was the idea, plus there are two more I re-released in the dungeon.

Unfortunately caging or chaining monsters makes them ineligible for reclaim/adventure mode. When I went back the place was empty.

It still is a fun place to adventure in with all the traps. Check the forum thread: http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?topic=25429.360

Submitted by: xpCynic - 2009-03-25 to 1001 Early Spring

I just explored this one but never found any of this stuff! No big pit, no GCS, nothing! Really liked the idea, you did a nice job of recreating a ruined town and expanding on the cave.

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