Fenceskull - 315 Late Autumn by _nil_

Map Description:

Fenceskull with dome and entrance completed. I was working my way down to fill out the dome and trying to figure out my next project (deciding between flooding the underworld, making a perpetual waterfall over the dome's surface, a green glass megaproject, or some combination the above) when I realized I'd been hit by the flying goblin bug. Fortunately I have backups, unfortunately I'll loose a year and change. As a result, I've set this fort down for a while, but when I pick it back up I'll use this map as the template, as I'm pretty happy with where it's gone.

Uses Mephansteras's CivForge mod with Stridor's graphic set (vanila graphics from Mayday)

Point of Interest: Champion bedrooms

This bedrooms are for champion marksdwarves, while the ones one and three levels below are for melee champions. One level up is the king's dining hall. - _nil_

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-02-10 to 310 Early Autumn

That's a cool dome, what use is th spiral staircase up the middle?

Submitted by: _nil_ - 2009-02-10 to 310 Early Autumn

That will be my entrance road, designed to both efficiently kill invaders and to use gravity to bring their gear to the trade depot's doorstep.

Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2009-02-10 to 310 Early Autumn

Your dome is definitely not half done yet. Interesting Idea though.

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-02-25 to 315 Late Autumn

How did the entrance work for you?

Sucks about the stuck guy, seems like a bummer. Maybe revert to a save before it happened?

Submitted by: _nil_ - 2009-02-25 to 315 Late Autumn

I actually haven't gotten an invasion (due to the bug, mostly) since the entrance ramp was fully closed off. Before that I was having some trouble with ranged enemies sniping my staircases. Otherwise, though, it works great; I have huge piles of gear on a number of those bridges, ready to be dropped.

Also, trying out the new image tags:
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A BBCode picture

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-02-26 to 315 Late Autumn

Its turned out to be a fantastic dome, and living area by the looks of things. You don't see buildings like that on this world very often (can't think of any), really cool stuff.

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