The Black Cloister - 106 Early Spring by Salmeuk

Map Description:

Finally another year done. I took a break around fall for some school-related stuff, and am now back at this map full time.

I captured some goblins, though I don't have much to do with them right now.

My population is at 80, and I have a dungeon master. I capped my pop at this, just so my FPS doesn't completely die.

As well, I turned off sieges, which might seem a bit unfair, but all they really represent is a hassle of picking up clothing.

Big news: I started my cathedral foundations. It's a bit smaller than I imagined it, but it'll have to do.

Point of Interest: Gobbos

Only 4, 1 escaped when I accidentally demanded one at the trade depot. - Salmeuk

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Submitted by: Duke - 2009-02-27 to 103 Early Spring

Let me say that making an aboveground fortress with a megaproject is tough as hell. With that said, good luck! I hope you take full advantage of the diagonal walls.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2009-03-01 to 104 Early Spring

About 60 FPS right now, FYI.

Thanks, I kinda see how the sheer workforce needed is going to be a problem.

Submitted by: Duke - 2009-03-02 to 104 Early Spring

Once you get a decent number of workers(Healedabby has around 100 workers and 30 kids), things get done terribly quickly. Also, hilarious events happen as you designate 100 tiles of wall to be deconstructed and watch as they haul the resulting blocks to a stockpile.
Like little ants.

Submitted by: Duke - 2009-03-09 to 105 Early Spring

1. I like how similar our grave styles are.
2. Great pit mine. I did research and found there were underground quarries for stone in the middle-ages, but I mostly did it because I don't feel like tunneling through so many soil layers to eventually get stone.
3. Awesome mines. They looks like random scribbles in MS Paint and you either used a utility, DF has more digging capabilities than I thought, or you took the time to make it crazy-looking.

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-03-09 to 105 Early Spring

Um, duke, as far as point three goes: You can designate things with the mouse. Mining, dbd, traffic, etc, all can be done with the mouse, so making 'scribble' looking mines is really just an exercise in holding down the left mouse button and... scribbling?

[Message edited on 2009/03/09 at 11:38 by Sinergistic]

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2009-03-15 to 105 Early Spring

:P Yeah Duke, get with the program.

I just recently discovered the mouse thing, and it doesn't help too much except for designating mining areas and specific trees.

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