Newworks - 44 Early Autumn by Momaw

Map Description:

Newworks is maturing nicely, with a total value of around 2.5 million. Now that I see how close a regular pentagon I am, maybe I will tear down the west wall and rebuild it to complete the shape. :) Zoom all the way out to get an idea of what my fortress's strategic role is, parked right in the middle of a pass down out of the mountains. I have deduced from the presence of frogmen bones and cave spider webs that I have an underground river, but I have not yet located it. Once I do find it, I plan to set up a fairly epic underground forest so I don't have to go outside for wood (I don't have magma, so I need to use charcoal, and I go through a lot of it). Newworks gets a *lot* of ambushes from both goblins and elves, and was even besieged by humans once.

Point of Interest: Greathall

The ramps leading down into it are platinum, and the floor is decorated with microcline. I haven't engraved anything in this room yet because not all my engravers are legendary. - Momaw

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