Workedhair - 212 Late Autumn by ColdSnickersBar

Point of Interest: Training camp/roof

( 212 Late Autumn → onwards )

This training ground is all open air, letting the sunlight keep my soldiers acclimated while they train. New boots work the pumps in the gym to prepare to become recruits when they're tough enough. From there, they become competent wrestlers/armor users/shield users and either branch out into a melee weapon or crossbow. There has never been a sparring accident with this regimen.

The open sections of the room let light into the outdoor farm below and let the trash heap a few z layers down air out. They're walled off to guard from accidents. - ColdSnickersBar

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Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-02-14 to 212 Late Autumn

Wow... Never seen anything like it.

Submitted by: ColdSnickersBar - 2009-05-21 to 212 Late Autumn

Thanks Jebraltix

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