Workedhair - 212 Late Autumn by ColdSnickersBar

Point of Interest: Sewers

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The sewers are pressurized from the enormous weight of the deep moat above. I originally had a plan to make a pressurized fountain, but I screwed it up.

The chamber to the north is a noble mandate processing center. When a noble makes an impossible mandate, they go here to process them. The red switch releases pressurized water. The green switch flushes the room. Nearby to the processing room is the drain that leads into a leech field many z layers below capable of absorbing all the water in the moat and sewers if I need to drain them.

I should have hid the rocks I left in there. - ColdSnickersBar

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Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-02-14 to 212 Late Autumn

Wow... Never seen anything like it.

Submitted by: ColdSnickersBar - 2009-05-21 to 212 Late Autumn

Thanks Jebraltix

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