Workedhair - 212 Late Autumn by ColdSnickersBar

Point of Interest: The Gladiator Arena

( 212 Late Autumn → onwards )

New recruits are stationed here, waiting for the goblins above to be punted into the arena floor for some hands-on training. If the levers in the control room above are set, the red square in the center retracts to reveal a large pit. At the bottom are spikes which can be sprung to quickly dispatch enemies when I have waves of prisoners to execute. This happens a lot, actually. That pit is like a Nazi shower room sometimes - one group after the next. - ColdSnickersBar

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Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-02-14 to 212 Late Autumn

Wow... Never seen anything like it.

Submitted by: ColdSnickersBar - 2009-05-21 to 212 Late Autumn

Thanks Jebraltix

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