Claspedsack - 1058 Early Spring by Phrog

Map Description:

Operation "Smooth Every Last Bit of Floor in Claspedsack" is officially underway. It's been a fun year. A gimped possession where one of my metalsmiths wanted a rare, rare gem failed and he went berserk, sending one of my OTHER metalsmiths plunging into lava before the metalsmith then got killed by a trap.

Point of Interest: Ballista of Awesomeness

The defenses might actually be paying off after all. One shot from this ballista took off the left arm at the shoulder and the right leg knee-down of a human spearmaster leading a goblin invasion. He died soonafter. - Phrog

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Submitted by: TotalPigeon - 2007-09-15 to 1055 Late Summer

Gotta love that name :D

Submitted by: Phrog - 2007-09-16 to 1055 Late Summer

I especially love the name considering that my fortress has a military squad named "The Rough Balls."

I love my fortresses because they always run well, but they never look nice...

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-21 to 1057 Mid Spring

You can get dwarves out of smelters by recruiting them to the millitary, making them engravers (engravers can walk through most things, windows, statues, workshops included) or if all else fails, by using the teleport.exe utility from the wiki. Neat fort, good luck with the traps :)

Submitted by: Phrog - 2007-09-26 to 1058 Early Spring

You know... forget circular rooms. Dwarves like things hard and straight. Curves are for pansy-ass elves and weak humans.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-26 to 1058 Early Spring

With gems the dwarves usually only want 'any colour' or a glass block, I don't think they actually go for a specific gem.

Phrog, did you make your decision about the curved rooms before or after designing the gladitorial arena?
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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-26 to 1058 Early Spring

You need a bar/brewery next to the arena, and a hot dog stand!

Submitted by: Phrog - 2007-09-27 to 1058 Early Spring

They actually look for glass blocks as well? The thing he dwarf was fixated on was "rough... color" and I had the three types of glass manufactured and every non-rare gem mined. He had already grabbed one piece of raw crystal glass, but after making a second, he wouldn't go for it.

And they do demand specific items sometimes. This particular possession wanted platinum ore and platinum ore only (that would have been one mother of an artifact).

And for the circular rooms, I made the decision after making the arena because I decided that something about circular rooms in fortresses looks almost... unnatural in a dwarven fortress. That and the fact that they take a whole lot of effort to make.

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