Partneredclasp - 205 Mid Summer by SiliconJesus

Point of Interest: 07 - Noble Housing

( 205 Mid Summer → 405 )

I've been lucky enough, through the caravans to be able to make a number of black bronze items to keep my nobles happy with their rooms. So far all the requests have been very agreeable sans the Mayor relentlessly wanting Tin items. For some reason I don't even have tin available to smelt even with cassiteriete (or however you spell it). If anyone knows what the raw should look like please let me know so I can look for it in the general reactions. - SiliconJesus

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Submitted by: El_Bingeroso - 2009-06-10 to 205 Mid Summer

I really love maps like this. The forts that are sprawling, but also have to be built with a mountain feature in mind.

Submitted by: SiliconJesus - 2009-06-10 to 205 Mid Summer

I've yet to find the HFS (thank god), the underground river, or the underground pool! Still lots to do!

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