Partneredclasp - 205 Mid Summer by SiliconJesus

Point of Interest: 11 - Craft Storage

( 205 Mid Summer → 405 )

Be it rings, toys or trinkets, you will find them here. Great source of quick trading fuel for training up appraisal or any trade related skill if the need arises. It also makes it easy to pick out for the squeekies that hate all my bone and wood items I want to trade them! ^^ - SiliconJesus

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Submitted by: El_Bingeroso - 2009-06-10 to 205 Mid Summer

I really love maps like this. The forts that are sprawling, but also have to be built with a mountain feature in mind.

Submitted by: SiliconJesus - 2009-06-10 to 205 Mid Summer

I've yet to find the HFS (thank god), the underground river, or the underground pool! Still lots to do!

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