Lashedwines - 243 Early Autumn by martin

Map Description:

Year 43 of Morul's challenge. He's on the bottom level which was omitted to keep the file size down.

Point of Interest: Barracks

This entire floor is dedicated to the military. 4 barracks, either for sleeping or sparring are provided - armor stands indicates sleeping, weapon rack fighting (some day they'll respect that) Adamantine statues mark entrance to the barracks, with sparring weapons stockpiled outside and bolts for the archery range. Beyond the barracks are stockpiles for bolts, armor, and weapons. Moruls masterwork adamantine armor is stored in the center room on the far right. The dining platform and stair rooms have no access, so the only way in or out is from the bedroom staircase and through the barracks. Any kobold that can get to Moruls armor is welcome to take it.

That stockpile of bolts at the very bottom center are almost entirely exceptional/masterwork adamantine. - martin

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Submitted by: crash2455 - 2009-06-30 to 243 Early Autumn

Oh, too bad. I wanted to the killing fields where Morul gained legendary ambusher.

Submitted by: TheDJ17 - 2009-08-30 to 254 Early Winter

Wow! The fortress is almost as interesting as Morul himself.

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