Inkdepths - 212 Early Spring by Maggarg

Map Description:

Inkdepths in it's 11th year.
I'm finally trying to organize the mess.

Point of Interest: Rewalling

Many of the old sand walls and old farms have been rewalled and converted. Now that the exterior is finished, the inside will be made into a general meeting area and statue garden. Thanks to this plan, there is very little of the original 201 fort left aside from the dining room, now the quarters of crafty Tim. - Maggarg

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Submitted by: ScottH - 2008-12-28 to 210 Early Spring

What is that lime green ore you have in your stockpiles?

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2008-12-28 to 210 Early Spring

It's a nickel ore, which is useful since my mayor loves her Nickel so much.

Submitted by: Mirokan - 2008-12-28 to 210 Early Spring

I like the idea of housing artifacts behind closed doors, but perhaps having them behind windows could be exponentially more awesome. Also, I had a lot of kids with Aura. :V

Submitted by: leadpumper - 2008-12-28 to 210 Early Spring

What are the other children's names? Are they retarded as well...

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