Thunderdeep - 1054 Mid Winter by Yak_Fighter

Map Description:

My first serious map in the new version of DF. I'm going for the Moria look and building large cavernous halls to serve as the heart of the fortress. Since it'll be a long while before its finished a small proto-fort as been built in the upper levels.

A human Baroness and Princess have both died in my fort so I expect a siege next summer.

Point of Interest: tunnel

This was an attempt to speed up human wagons moving between the cliff access to the east and my depot to the west. They always arrive at the top of the cliffs to the northeast and have failed to unload in time for trading the last two years. - Yak_Fighter

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Submitted by: Jackard - 2007-11-09 to 1054 Mid Winter

I'd like to note that if you're going for the Dwarrowdelf look, the columns should be much thicker.

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