Muckgrotto - Martin - 108 Early Spring by martin

Map Description:

Submission for DFM2 - Muckgrotto survival challenge

Point of Interest: Project 5 - Survival Elements

There are a number of specific survival elements integrated into the fortress. The entire fortress is designed around survival with minimal access from the outside, traps, and the like, but other details are designed so that even under a massive lockdown, the fortress can survive and even prosper.

The most ambitious survival element is the collapsed aquifer which isolates much of the map from ninja spawns and allows a relatively safe region to harvest trees. The area can be further protected by building a glass dome over the top, though this would take considerable time, but the resources are of course available - even for a clear glass dome. The collapsed area also allows safe construction to take place without risk of flooding.

The entrance tower on level 8 contains a large subterranean farm area, created by way of a huge bucket brigade dumping water from a layer above, muddying the floor. A similar (and even larger) above-ground farm is located on level 17 created by the same approach. These two farms allow growing everything from sunberries to plump helmets in safety and in massive, massive quantities. A fortress of 400 could easily be sustained with these two farms.

Directly above the barracks in the central tower is protected access to fresh water. The pumps run continuously thanks to the windmills and thanks to the aquifer will never run dry.

Levels 7,8 of the ring fortress contain a modest obsidian farm on the east side. The farm produces 165 obsidian per effort and resets quickly. The double thick walls allow for the magma to be plugged by obsidian which is channeled out to reflood the chamber with magma. Copper floodgates control access to the obsidian chamber and water flow, and access to the water chamber.

All resources are therefore renewable and safely accessed. The fortress is extremely defensible with even a modest security force even though it can easily maintain a much larger one. - martin

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-27 to 108 Early Spring

Wow... simply wow. A tremendous fort, a superb megaproject.

Submitted by: DetailsInside - 2009-09-27 to 108 Early Spring

This.......this is nice.
Love the circular tower.
3D picture anywhere?

Submitted by: martin - 2009-09-28 to 108 Early Spring

No, I can't seem to get the visualizers to work. The saves are uploaded and I'd appreciate if anyone can run the final fort through one of them.

Submitted by: Caranha - 2009-09-28 to 108 Early Spring

Indeed a suberb fort!

But what are the "downramps" in the middle of the sky on level 16?

Submitted by: martin - 2009-09-28 to 108 Early Spring

The ramps are a bug. When you collapse a level, the down ramps from the level above don't collapse with it, they just hang there. I forgot to clean that up when I did the final collapse.

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