Toolcrew - 309 Early Autumn by squirrelwizard

Map Description:

My fortress will eventually sport a dwarf made volcano, that will be able to erupt at my whim. As of right now I have my temporary fortress setup and I have finally got the lava works and initial hole dug, now it will be just to build up the mountain, while making snazzier buildng areas, and personal rooms for my dwarves (they deserve it.). Originally I was going to have the fortress grow food/cook as a means to trade, but due to goblin sieges, I have a glut of goblin leather which I cant seem to get rid off (I've sent caravans off with 100k profit trying to get rid of it.) So my food growth has come to a stand still. Eventually I hope to get it started again.

Point of Interest: Da Volcano... OF DOOM

This is where my constructed volcano will be, its powered by 4 screw pump stacks. What I did when I started, was I hollowed out the area underground and collapsed an artifical ceiling at the top to take out the floors. It worked like a charm. The internal access way was the result of a mistake when putting the pumps in, orginally it was to be solid, but the new design allows easier access, which is a plus.

The lava puddles on the ground were the result of me testing the pump system, it pointed out some weak points in the system which I plan to fix. - squirrelwizard

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-30 to 309 Early Autumn

Uhh, wow, cool volcano. Me likes!

Submitted by: kurokikaze - 2009-10-06 to 314 Late Summer

Whoa, what tileset is this?

Submitted by: squirrelwizard - 2009-10-06 to 314 Late Summer

Its the mayday green mod. the one that came with the 40d11 edition if that helps.

Submitted by: squirrelwizard - 2009-10-13 to 320 Mid Autumn

Yeah so I've gone ahead and abandoned this fortress, I've learned a good deal from it, but I just dont feel like waiting out a massive tantrum spiral. Sorry the volcano isn't completed.

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