Swordblowing - 1065 Late Spring by Ambivalence

Map Description:

Battle rages in the caves as a new entrance is opened and the legions of Forgotten Beasts waiting on the other side try their luck.

Point of Interest: Cave entrance

There are lines of giant steel axe blades, some cages, and a last ditch line of gibbons to detect sneaky types. Lot of gibbons in this fortress. :) - Ambivalence

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Submitted by: Dorten - 2010-04-20 to 1065 Late Spring

Yummy tileset.

Also: dead in the lake :D

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2010-04-20 to 1065 Late Spring

It's Anikki's 10x10, good for a laptop screen. The poor guy who fell in the lake has been there for a while (he fell from a now-removed well when a forgotten beast climbed up through it) but I see there's another one inside the fortress. 8( That one is a one-eyed, belching, croaking, pterosaur with a trunk and a poisonous bite, and it's killing dwarfs over there. :( The clear glass forbidden beast has proven to be just as immune to spears as it has to all other weapons, and has made it inside the fortress (the entrance wasn't blocked in time.) It's killed half of the speardwarves already, though they did at least buy enough time for the militia captain to get a drink and a bite to eat before rejoining the fray. He must have renamed his axe fifty times now. :) The Fun level is through the roof. ^^

Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-04-20 to 1065 Late Spring

I lol'ed when I read the description of your dwarf's axe. Superb stuff.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-04-21 to 1065 Late Spring

Dude, you have a line of -gibbons- defending your fortress. Dude.

Submitted by: Amazed - 2010-04-21 to 1065 Late Spring

Holy cow. What is GOING ON in your world? On the surface, there are corpses ALL OVER the field instead of usually concentrated in one area. I saw a room with nothing but corpses, and...and...wow. Just wow. Requesting an explanation for the field of dead at the least.

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2010-04-21 to 1067 Late Winter

The carnage... the map sees regular arrivals of slugmen, snailmen, gorrillas, giant leopards, giant tigers, tigermen, and ambulatory kitchen sinks; cyclopses and ettins too. And all of these would arrive as zombies and skeletons half the time! These contend with masses of goblins and the regular caravans - and with the dwarven militia, who would go out to help the caravans, or at least stand guard over the bodies of fallen dwarfs. Bodies ended up spread all over the map, and it was too dangerous to try to recover all of them (ignore rubbish: outside was set), so they lie where they've fallen. The severed goblin limbs which surround the traps were routinely cleared, though, while the dwarfs had control of the surface, or the entrance hallway would be a scene from hell right now.

It's been great fun (small "f") so far. :)

Submitted by: Caranha - 2010-04-21 to 1067 Late Winter

I really enjoyed reading the story of Nelara. But seeing those wide open spaces and multiple corridors up and down, I fear for your FPS - what is it at now?

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2010-04-22 to 1067 Late Winter

It's at "unplayable", sadly, and before that it was about 10 on my laptop. There was some kind of pathfinding problem and it stopped the dwarfs behaving properly - I tried abandoning and reclaiming (which led to a vast number of barrels and things all over the surface) but it didn't make any difference. They'd just stand there and refuse to dig or move things or anything. Bit of a shame. I had a look at Nelara in Legends mode - its rampage accounted directly for thirty six notable characters (roughly two squads of dwarfs, three squads of goblins and an elf or two; the number of deaths was probably closer to twice that if all the ones which occurred indirectly are counted) and a heap of gibbons. :) Amazingly there was no major tantrum spiral - I think they've been tweaked to be slightly less easy, but perhaps I was lucky.

I need to work on my fortress designs, I know. I've never gotten the hang of keeping a good framerate in 3d. :( They sprawl. :)

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