Threewheels - 1059 Late Summer by hactar1

Map Description:

My best fortress so far. Population 193, 5 champions, 3 elite marksdwarves, over 2,000,000 in created wealth. I just wiped out a 5-squad goblin siege with no casualties. I have various architectural experiments scattered around.

Point of Interest: Temple to Armok

The Temple is a hollow 7-level ziggurat built entirely from gabbro blocks, except for the top two levels, which are obsidian. An exceptional gold statue of Armok stands at the center, and defines a statue garden room. Also inside are masterwork obsidian statues of the three Dwarven mythical heroes, representing industriousness, prowess in battle, and joyousness in celebration.

The design is influenced by the Hoysaleswara Temple in India, and the pyramids of Mayan architecture such as Chichen Itza.

One mason died in the construction of the temple, when a roofing block fell on his head, punching him through 3 stories to his death on the arena floor below. - hactar1

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-07 to 1059 Late Summer

What an excellent fort, the contstructions are stunning, and I admire the fortifications around the surface wall. Good work!

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