Sezukastesh "Slapcudgels" - 1054 Early Winter by Klokjammer

Map Description:

We managed to build the security systems, All thats needed now are the battlements and guard towers. The two bridges on either side remain open until unwanted guests appear (just like right now). If thieves are detected, the gates are locked down trapping them inside.

Building the magma industry was easier then I thought it was. We've been mostly making iron armor and weapons, copper bins and barrels, and glass. I am proud to say, we've got rooms for every resident, thanks to the generous Humans and their wood. Now we must await for the next Dwarven caravan for our long awaited shipment of Limestone.

Point of Interest: Magma Vent (with fire imp!)

What the magma vents look like... from the side! - Markavian

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-08 to 1053 Late Summer

At the base of a twisty series of ramps* ... do you not like using stairs? :) Will you build a barricade across your front entrance? A draw bridge perhaps? Neat fort, good location!

Submitted by: Klokjammer - 2007-12-09 to 1053 Late Summer

I tend to imagine some ramps as a straight flight of stairs, like the the steps in front of the U.S. Capitol. The "twisty ramps" to me are like a larger scale version twisty stairs. But nonetheless, it has the same effects of a straight stairwell in that dwarves seem to instantly traverse them regardless of height.

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Submitted by: Klokjammer - 2007-12-15 - Removed

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-16 to 1054 Early Winter

Sorry Klokjammer, its better and fixed now!
and sorry, I can read removed comments too :) Hope I didn't cause you too much trouble. Shout if you need anything.

Submitted by: Klokjammer - 2007-12-16 to 1054 Early Winter

It's OK, All I needed to do was restart my web browser. I managed to post it almost a minute after commenting.

Could've been worse, I could've sent you a 4 paragraph badly written email about it. Now that would be embarrassing. :■

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