Temple of Death - 1029 Early Summer by _nil_

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In the heart of a vast haunted desert, where the earth has opened up like a festering boil to expose the underworld, the warrior monks of the Temple of Death tend to the necropolis they wrested from hell.

Point of Interest: East wing: Barracks and military housing

A small but well-stocked zoo occupies this plaza, although it's been closed ever since I realized that immigration seems to be permanently disabled on this map, and that continued survival relies on more single dwarves pairing off and making babies. The bedrooms here and on the two levels above are reserved for the military, but room is also made for the hospital on this level and the mayor's dining room and office above.

Finally, a tower in the middle provides room for the three surface squads to train and spar; the top level is reserved for the 5-dwarf Mountainous Shells, led by the General Sakzul, who wields an artifact adamantine axe and has more than a hundred notable kills to his name (including several demons). The lower two levels are reserved for training squads whose members are not yet ready for combat. - _nil_

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Submitted by: _nil_ - 2011-02-26 to 1029 Early Summer

the worldmap for this fortress:

A BBCode picture

(the Temple of Death is the mountain fortress near the middle of the large evil desert in the center)

Submitted by: _nil_ - 2016-04-04 to 1029 Early Summer

AS SEEN IN PC GAMER WOAH http://www.pcgamer.com/dwarf-fortress-creator-on-how-hes-42-towards-simulating-existence/#page-3

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