Temple of Death - 1029 Early Summer by _nil_

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In the heart of a vast haunted desert, where the earth has opened up like a festering boil to expose the underworld, the warrior monks of the Temple of Death tend to the necropolis they wrested from hell.

Point of Interest: Necropolis

The two levels above and below this one form the heart of the former demonic fortress, now converted to tombs (aka the "necropolis").

This particular level is mostly undeveloped, due to the presence of "Spiderdoomed the Zombie Slug Monster." This is the only demon that neither walked out of the necropolis by itself (which a surprisingly large number of demons were happy to do) nor was able to be dispatched by the military. Even adamantine axes can't cut it in two (its sluglike body is simply too large) and being a zombie it can't be bled out. While its only attacks are weak pushes and bites, it emits a gas that quickly causes unconsciousness. Given that the demon is basically invulnerable, the monks have simple sealed it off. - _nil_

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Submitted by: _nil_ - 2011-02-26 to 1029 Early Summer

the worldmap for this fortress:

A BBCode picture

(the Temple of Death is the mountain fortress near the middle of the large evil desert in the center)

Submitted by: _nil_ - 2016-04-04 to 1029 Early Summer

AS SEEN IN PC GAMER WOAH http://www.pcgamer.com/dwarf-fortress-creator-on-how-hes-42-towards-simulating-existence/#page-3

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