Helmpage - 1053 Early Spring by Turgid Bolk

Map Description:

Seven brave dwarves came to settle this mountain surrounded by haunted forest. Ill-prepared, but lucky, they managed to find a somewhat secluded spot, and have yet to encounter any truly foul beasts beyond the occasional werewolf. The only deaths have been the Sherrif's pet horse (taken by a werewolf, who was then quickly shot dead), and Vucar Törasfath, taken by possession and eventually dying of thirst (not for lack of available booze, but rather because of a mysterious, unshakable melancholy). These two years have been good to the rest of us, however. The earth offers up her sustenance and riches. One crafter became inspired to make a legendary puzzlebox, a wonder to behold. His crafts are valuable indeed. Another dwarf had a breakthrough with wooden crossbow design, a blessing for our newly-forming military. Not bad for seven barely-skilled dwarves starting only with what fate had provided!

Happy new year, from Helmpage!

Point of Interest: Great hall (side view)

Much effort was spent making this large dome, for the great hall. As a dwarf enters from the southern ramps, he is treated to a view of the entire floor. The entrances to the lookout towers will be carved here, and probably the main administrative offices and throne rooms will be placed nearby. The plans for those have not yet been finalized. - Turgid Bolk

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-03 to 1053 Early Spring

Very neat dome :) Will you continue to dig down? Its an enjoyably symmetrical fort, good luck!

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