Strongrampart - 256 Mid Summer by LazyLoneLion

Map Description:

My last and biggest and most orderly fortress.

Underground-part has no exits. OpenAir-part is surrounded by channels (and walls).

Entrance could be closed by drawbridges.

Feel free to comment -- your comments are welcome. :)

Point of Interest: Trade DEPOT.

( 256 Mid Summer → onwards )

Trade depot could be closed by drawbridges.
There are additional roads from depot to the different map edges (all could be closed too).
This version of DF doesn't need 3-wide tile for caravan, because there are no wagons. But there is space for 3-wide path, just in case.

Piles for trade goods are nearby, and so are workshops and precious food-piles. - LazyLoneLion

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Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2012-08-13 to 256 Mid Summer

I especially like workshop design.
They could be locked in a case of strange mood.
They have handy piles for a raw materials and completed goods just in one z-level (up or down).
Raw materials are collected by the careful hands of dwarven virgins and put nearby.
Trade depot is close enough in a case you need to sell some mechanizms.
Workshops are close to each other and close to bedrooms.
Fuel workshops are close to blacksmiths, etc..

In fact, now the blacksmith is moved to the magma forges (200 levels below!!!), but it was a good time.

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