Coldbridges - 131 Early Summer by Urist McDiggyHole

Point of Interest: The entrance

This is the only current entry into ColdBridges. The Walls and fortifications are made out of Quartzite and Rocksalt Blocks, The bridge is made out of Marble Blocks and the road that runs North-South is made of, once again, Quartzite Blocks.

Just inside the fortress is the several barracks for my 29 Military Dwarves, split into three batalions - thats one room for 10 dwarfs. After a very damaging siege and tantrum spiral i decided to build some siege weapons to better defend my fort with. If you follow the cliffside eastwards, there is another Balistae as well as the siege ammo stockpile.

Slightly to the north is the Trade Depot, filled with goods that are yet to be hauled by my dwarves. The central Stairwell and farms are located near there. - Urist McDiggyHole

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Submitted by: Cei - 2011-07-06 to 131 Early Summer

Awesome above ground farm. Good fort that gives me a few ideas to use in my own forts. Keep up the good work!

Submitted by: Urist McDiggyHole - 2011-07-06 to 131 Early Summer

Thanks for the comment, but i didnt think that my fort was anything special in the first place. The only reason its built like it is, is for the nearby goblin encampments. You can tell how many gobbos i have caught by checking the stockpile floor, and the POI called "Dumping Tunnel"

Submitted by: Serio - 2011-07-08 to 131 Early Summer

I quite like the above ground farm too.

Submitted by: Urist McDiggyHole - 2011-07-12 to 131 Early Summer


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