Coldbridges - 131 Early Summer by Urist McDiggyHole

Point of Interest: The Above-Ground Farms and Refuse pile.

Early on in the fortress Mandrills stole most of the food, so i had to resort to picking all of the local shrubs for food. When this was over, i ended up with nearly a hundred different above-ground seeds, and so i decided to vary the dwarvern diet by creating a above-ground farm.

Just to the north of the farm is also the Refuse pile, which can be acessed during a siege, helping prevent Misasma Build-up.
In the refuse pile you can see a alrge ammount of goblins, the remnants from a earlier siege. In addition, you can see a pair of Blind Cave ogres and a Forgotten Beast (The Green "C") That managed to kill a military dwarf with its poisonous sting. - Urist McDiggyHole

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Submitted by: Cei - 2011-07-06 to 131 Early Summer

Awesome above ground farm. Good fort that gives me a few ideas to use in my own forts. Keep up the good work!

Submitted by: Urist McDiggyHole - 2011-07-06 to 131 Early Summer

Thanks for the comment, but i didnt think that my fort was anything special in the first place. The only reason its built like it is, is for the nearby goblin encampments. You can tell how many gobbos i have caught by checking the stockpile floor, and the POI called "Dumping Tunnel"

Submitted by: Serio - 2011-07-08 to 131 Early Summer

I quite like the above ground farm too.

Submitted by: Urist McDiggyHole - 2011-07-12 to 131 Early Summer


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