Weatherwires - Upper Fort - 184 Early Spring by fidelcowstro

Map Description:

In the early spring of 126, the Diamond Cloisters of the Merchant of Echoing founded Weatherwires, the first dwarven settlement to be inhabited since the beginning of time. The last queen of the Merchant of Echoing was struck down by an ettin in 18, and no leader rose to replace her. For more than a century, the dwarves had remained hidden in the mountains, until seven survivors emerged from the peaks and came to the Fire of Channels, a great volcano, and founded this fortress.

Now, the year is 184, and the dwarves' numbers have dwindled to 94. They have almost entirely retreated to a series of caverns dug out deep beneath the surface, but during Weatherwires' first few decades, it was here, in the caldera of the Fire of Channels, where they crafted the first fortress.

Point of Interest: Fortress Tombs

From this point down, for several levels, are rooms that are filled with obsidian coffins. Over the decades, hundreds of dwarves have died, but for a long time, immigrants or children would spring to take the place of the fallen. Now, no children are being born, and no dwarves are left to immigrate. The current 94 are the last of the Merchant of Echoing. - fidelcowstro

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