Kilrudmokez 'Bronzecage' - 1089 Early Spring by Peter Horner

Map Description:

Massive 6x3 Fortress, 50 years old, 1,5 RL years work, many sights and megaprojects

Point of Interest: 01 Bronzecage: 6x3 Fortress in its 50th year

Overview + Houserules

A 6x3 Fortress in its 50th year that I did work upon on and off for 1,5 RL years.

The aim was to build a above- and underground fortress with a massive ringwall around a large excavation. All should follow the lay of the land. The ringwall is pierced by towers which house heavy and light manufacture, housing, storage food production.

House Rules:
1) Architecture: All construction must make structural 'sense'. Spanwidth is not unlimited, floors need to be supported if wider than 8-10 squares, massive weight needs larger supports and the like.

2) Mechanical Fortress: All workshops that produce goods above the basic quality need to be 'powered' (=have an active gear next to them). All drawbridges larger then 3 squares need to be powered as well, otherwise they can't be raised.

3) Danger: There needs to be at least one entrance open to the outside at all times. Only 3-5 traps are allowed per entrance. No killing bridges or drowning rooms are allowed - enemies may only be killed be melee dwarves. - TanSerrai

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2011-12-28 to 1089 Early Spring

I did a quick count up, and I suspect this was the 10,000th map uploaded to this website. Congrats!

You win a sticker. [sticker]

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