Kilrudmokez 'Bronzecage' - 1089 Early Spring by Peter Horner

Map Description:

Massive 6x3 Fortress, 50 years old, 1,5 RL years work, many sights and megaprojects

Point of Interest: Megaproject 2b: Main Concourse, Dining 'Tongues'

Here is shown one of the 'Tongues' reaching into the central void. Each Tongue houses the dining...spaces for around 15 dwarves. Each has its own well, is accessed from the Main Concourse via an access that is 'guarded' by dead goblins. One level lower you can see the seats - between the seats are major trophies like dragonskulls or Hydra corpses and the like.
I imagine the dwarfs sitting there, looking out into the void, watching the sparks from the heavy forge hammers rain down into the void, listening to the howling of the captive goblins who 'guard' the tombs of the dwarven dead a few levels up. - TanSerrai

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2011-12-28 to 1089 Early Spring

I did a quick count up, and I suspect this was the 10,000th map uploaded to this website. Congrats!

You win a sticker. [sticker]

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