Kilrudmokez 'Bronzecage' - 1089 Early Spring by Peter Horner

Map Description:

Massive 6x3 Fortress, 50 years old, 1,5 RL years work, many sights and megaprojects

Point of Interest: Megaproject 6: The Fist of Armok

The main temple of the fort - a 38 level tower built entirely of gold. And what would a good temple to Armok be without magma, eh? At the base of the tower there is a double magma reservoir - the top one is shaped like a bowl, filled with magma from which the tower itself does rise. Magma can be pumped up the tower for 30+ levels to then exit through two spouts in the top (= the 'Fist') and cascade down the outside back into the bowl. Since the tower is the highest structure of the entire fortress and rises quite a bit above the curtain walls I think it would look pretty impressive seen at night from far off. (note that the magmafall is currently switched off due to FPS...sigh) - TanSerrai

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2011-12-28 to 1089 Early Spring

I did a quick count up, and I suspect this was the 10,000th map uploaded to this website. Congrats!

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