Kilrudmokez 'Bronzecage' - 1089 Early Spring by Peter Horner

Map Description:

Massive 6x3 Fortress, 50 years old, 1,5 RL years work, many sights and megaprojects

Point of Interest: Megaproject 7: Gem Storage

I think that with all the wealth that had been dug up over the years a worth gem vault was needed. This vault is a vertical double drum made of green glass. The inner drum is used to store gems in (mostly) golden bins (took a bit of fiddling to make that work...). The space between inner and outer drum is filled with water, so anyone boring into the outer drum will be blown back the way he came in. The outer drum rests on supports which can be cut if needed, destroying the whole thing. And no, I will not tell anyone where those levers are. The only access to the vault is via a drawbridge. I imagine it should look nice seen from outside to have the golden bins and single gems glitter behind the curtain of water. - TanSerrai

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2011-12-28 to 1089 Early Spring

I did a quick count up, and I suspect this was the 10,000th map uploaded to this website. Congrats!

You win a sticker. [sticker]

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