Kilrudmokez 'Bronzecage' - 1089 Early Spring by Peter Horner

Map Description:

Massive 6x3 Fortress, 50 years old, 1,5 RL years work, many sights and megaprojects

Point of Interest: Megaproject 9+10: Curtain Wall + Moat

The whole fortress is surrounded by a curtain wall: the wall is pierced by the manufacturing/storage/ living towers, is several tiles thick and several stories high with a fighting platform running all along it. Outside the curtainwall is a moat. The whole moat and wall follow the contours of the land (though nearly all of the original surface inside the curtain wall is gone by now).

Actually the wall can only be accessed through the military tower (the only tower not piercing the surface - its below the most in the west). From there, the military access roads lead to all parts of the curtain wall and the fighting plattforms atop the towers. No civilian may go there.

The moat is actually another megaproject as it can be flooded with magma at its highest point to the west...the magma then flows to the lowest point in the east where it is taken in by the fortress again, to be either routed back down to the magma sea or pumped back towards the western part of the moat. The system actually works but is - not surprisingly - a...bit...hard on FPS - TanSerrai

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2011-12-28 to 1089 Early Spring

I did a quick count up, and I suspect this was the 10,000th map uploaded to this website. Congrats!

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