Netbasis - 259 Late Winter by Serio

Map Description:

The Age of Legends was ushered in during the summer of 256, with the Battle of Tallguilds, which wiped out its namesake fortress. Survivors fled southwards, to the hills across the peninsula, and created Netbasis.

Point of Interest: Residential Districts

( 259 Late Winter → onwards )

Living quarters for all dwarves. The Residential District is divided into three sectors, in descending order; Noble Sector, Luxury Sector, and Commoner Sector. The first eight rooms house the Primevals, plus an extra room for a dwarf that earns it. Next come the luxury rooms, which have a chest, but are otherwise identical to the commoner rooms.

Every dwarf in Netbasis have a room for themselves. No one is left sleeping on the floor. - Serio

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Submitted by: Caranha - 2012-06-30 to 265

I really like your luxurious apartments. The diagonal rooms are a great touch!

Submitted by: Serio - 2012-06-30 to 265

Thank you! Their owners seem to agree, too.

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