Scarredaxe - 328 Mid Autumn by hyndis

Map Description:

Oceanside fortress with an experimental design making heavy use of quantum storage.

Note that invaders are currently turned off so I can spend all of my focus on quantum science.

There are two hostile goblin civilizations, hostile humans, hostile elves with metal weapons, a necromancer tower, and for some reason a hostile town within the vicinity of the fortress.

Point of Interest: Bedrooms

Four dwarves each share the same room.

Masterwork silver statues will be installed into the center of each room to boost the room value and give dwarves something to admire or be terrified of, depending on what statue is created. They will be placed entirely at random.

Note the clutter in each room. Currently I'm using DFhack to periodically have all owned items to be dumped. Another possible solution would be to zone the floor as a refuse stockpile that does not accept any kind of refuse. Clothing items dumped onto the floor should just rot away quietly on their own. - hyndis

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Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2012-09-18 to 328 Mid Autumn

How do you educate dwarves? Can you provide a forum link or something?
How do you create lumber?
Can I have your contact to learn from you more? :)

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