Scarredaxe - 328 Mid Autumn by hyndis

Map Description:

Oceanside fortress with an experimental design making heavy use of quantum storage.

Note that invaders are currently turned off so I can spend all of my focus on quantum science.

There are two hostile goblin civilizations, hostile humans, hostile elves with metal weapons, a necromancer tower, and for some reason a hostile town within the vicinity of the fortress.

Point of Interest: Classrooms

Custom workshop and reactions.

Produces a useless plant item that isn't stored in any stockpile and rots away quietly and without any miasma.

It requires only time, but dwarves can learn a variety of skills here, such as swimming, armor user, block, dodge, learning, teaching, and leadership.

Skills are only learned up until high master but no higher. This prevents a dwarf from getting legendary, but it still provides them a decent education so they can be useful later on.

A full course of education takes about 5 years to complete. - hyndis

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Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2012-09-18 to 328 Mid Autumn

How do you educate dwarves? Can you provide a forum link or something?
How do you create lumber?
Can I have your contact to learn from you more? :)

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