Scarredaxe - 328 Mid Autumn by hyndis

Map Description:

Oceanside fortress with an experimental design making heavy use of quantum storage.

Note that invaders are currently turned off so I can spend all of my focus on quantum science.

There are two hostile goblin civilizations, hostile humans, hostile elves with metal weapons, a necromancer tower, and for some reason a hostile town within the vicinity of the fortress.

Point of Interest: Advanced Education

Custom workshop and reaction, produces useless plants that rot away without generating miasma or hauling jobs.

Allow training of masonry, stone detailing, mechanics, all metalworking jobs, jewel setting, and all healthcare jobs.

Dwarves are trained up to grand legendary status but no higher. They have to learn the extra +1 through +5 levels on their own.

A full course of training may take 10 years to complete. Combine this with the universal education, and a dwarf can spend 15 years in classrooms getting up to speed. Once they graduate they are a mighty dwarf indeed. - hyndis

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Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2012-09-18 to 328 Mid Autumn

How do you educate dwarves? Can you provide a forum link or something?
How do you create lumber?
Can I have your contact to learn from you more? :)

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