Patternbridges - 252 Mid Autumn by LazyLoneLion

Map Description:

Entrance labyrinth has been built.
Trade depot is functioning -- with dedicated entrances.
Some workshops are functioning, but there is much to do there.
Some outside territory is claimed -- digged out with underground entrance. I like to have outside bushes easily accessible.
There are some soldiers already, but only two ATM.

Point of Interest: Entrance labyrinth

( 252 Mid Autumn → onwards )

There are two entrances -- wide one for traders, and narrow one for hostiles.
Both entrances could be closed by drawbridges.

Narrow entrance could be enlonged by shortening drawbridges. There are fortified soldiers shooting through all the labyrinth.

And I gonna make that entrance floodable later. Just to be sure :) - LazyLoneLion

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