Bridgeesteems - 393 Late Autumn by martinuzz

Map Description:

The fort is now 38 years old. The catacombs are done. Now it's bout time to turn on invaders.

Point of Interest: Forever Frozen Tomb

Having passed under the hated sun one last time, dead dwarves will be eternally pleased by the dark cold offered them by the Forever Frozen Tomb. Only military dwarves will earn a place here.

The tomb offers unliving space for 112 dead dwarves.
It was constructed from engraved walls, engraved floors, a few tower cap blocks, lots of spore-tree doors and spore-tree caskets. I still need more caskets. Spore trees do not spawn in abundance. - martinuzz

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Submitted by: Anon - 2012-11-04 to 372 Late Winter

Might be a dumb question, but why do your dwarves have nicer beards than mine? I play on ASCII, but the "beard" is just a little mouth. Did you replace the dwarf graphic with a custom one?

Submitted by: martinuzz - 2012-11-05 to 393 Late Autumn

I do not use custom tiles. The only thing I did, is change the tileset windowed mode uses to be the same as the tileset that fullscreen mode uses. Go to DATA/INIT/init.txt, and change the line under [WINDOWEDY:25] to [FONT:curses_800x600.png]

Submitted by: Tharis - 2015-12-29 to 393 Late Autumn

That's very nice, I especially like the geometry in the lower levels, and the mosaic in the Hall of the Hated Sun.

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