Tongspassionate - 254 Late Summer by LazyLoneLion

Map Description:

My new project.
In attempt to minimize dwarf movements, fortress is quite deep, comparing to its width.
Still it has everything possible. A lot of bedrooms, lot of workshops and piles, defenses and trade depot, archery and barracks, farm plots and nest boxes, main hall, well and hospital.

Piles are near workshops and trade depot.

Entrance is guarded by small drawbridges with fortified maze.

There is small waterfall in the center of fortress. It creates mist and cleans dwarves up. It goes on several Z-levels.

Point of Interest: Waterfall #2

just for the sake of it. - LazyLoneLion

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Submitted by: Manu - 2013-12-03 to 254 Late Summer

efficient ! how come you manage to get en exit for the waterflow ?? it seems possible to dig an exit to the map border.. or is it dfhack ? your entrance seems solid, though fortifications can be dangerous if you have elite marksgobs on th other side... deadly dangerous...

Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2013-12-05 to 254 Late Summer

You can smooth edge walls, and then you can carve fortifications in it.
You can not dig out whole edge, but fortifications are ok for water flow.

I can close entrance totally in any case of troubles :)
And take dwarves down into fortress.
Or I can loose my trained marksdorfs, okay. :(
One real danger are flying creatures. Gonna make bridge-roof against them. Gonna let my military suntun anyway - or I'd build whole fortress deeper.

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