Alebeer the Wine of Whiskey - 1055 Late Spring by penguinofhonor

Map Description:

Another year. They're flying by quickly, aren't they? We are moving the magma stuff now and fending off megabeasts and goblin sieges.

Note: This is a community fortress. Check here:

Point of Interest: Battlefield C

The second group of the second goblin siege was defeated here. They were mostly ranged and when their arrows ran out they were defeated easily. Ferahgo was lost in this battle. - penguinofhonor

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Submitted by: Tyrving - 2007-12-23 to 1052 Early Spring

For some reason, seeing the trade liason looming over a sleeping outpost leader always makes me chuckle.

Submitted by: penguinofhonor - 2007-12-23 to 1052 Early Spring

What's funny is that trade liason has been here for half a year.

Submitted by: Krash - 2007-12-30 to 1052 Early Spring

Great fort name!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-03 to 1053 Mid Spring

What on earth is the bright blue furniture made out of? That stuff is cool!

Submitted by: penguinofhonor - 2008-01-05 to 1053 Mid Spring

Cobaltite. It's an ore, but doesn't have a use yet. There's a rumor that it'll be used to make blue glass eventually. But now, it's just an awesome rock.

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