Mountainlabors - 252 Mid Spring by Gremlin

Map Description:

The aftermath of the battle with the cyclops left the fortress decimated but stalwart, beginning to dig deeper into the mountain.

Point of Interest: Hall of the Fallen Warriors

Sakzul Aranzuglar, Swordsdwarf
Avuz Alishrir, Militia Captain
Iton Zefonalmosh, Hammerdwarf
Cerol Duraloddom, Swordsdwarf
Kib Idenner, Planter
Obok Gakizcilob, Marksdwarf
Ospram Thruncani, Hammerman
Udil Ezumthimshur, Captain of the Guard
Bembul Ishlumcilob, Marksdwarf - Gremlin

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2015-12-29 to 252 Mid Spring

Nice fortress, thanks for adding PoI's. Will you update this one?

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2016-01-05 to 252 Mid Spring

Very dwarven looking, nice and orderly.

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