Cavestir - 135 Early Spring by Hellzon

Map Description:

My first moderately successful fort in the new version. Maybe ever, to be honest.

In the outside world, war with the goblins rages. A band of seven dwarves were sent out to push the borders a little further from the goblin menace. Blood rains from the sky, and evil purple trees, staring eyeballs and wormy tendrils grow in the soil. But for now, it's safe.

Point of Interest: Dwarf Suburbia

As it turns out, an 11x11 square easily divides into nine 3x3 rooms with walls in between. Thus was born the dwarven apartment complexes of Cavestir, all located on top of a "plaza" with some practical function. Well, some of them, it's just the hospital, library and generic temple right now because the rest aren't filled out.

The eighteen rooms in the top right are prison cells, located above the basic temple to The Lord Of Controlling, the dwarven god of order and duty. It seemed fitting. - Hellzon

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2016-01-17 to 135 Early Spring

That's an interesting bedroom layout.

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