Cavestir - 135 Early Spring by Hellzon

Map Description:

My first moderately successful fort in the new version. Maybe ever, to be honest.

In the outside world, war with the goblins rages. A band of seven dwarves were sent out to push the borders a little further from the goblin menace. Blood rains from the sky, and evil purple trees, staring eyeballs and wormy tendrils grow in the soil. But for now, it's safe.

Point of Interest: The Final Frontier

Well I lucked out and got not one but two magma pipes reaching the first cavern layer. On a 2x2 embark too.

Down here is where we keep the forges, naturally. Kilns too, there is clay at the top, but no sand, so the glass furnace was hastily put up to save a moody glassmaker.

We found marble in the lower levels, so there are plans to make steel. Cavestir is doing alright. - Hellzon

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2016-01-17 to 135 Early Spring

That's an interesting bedroom layout.

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