Bannerheat - 108 Mid Spring by Salmeuk

Map Description:

End of Year 2. There were some minor troubles involved in digging a magma trap, and two injured dwarfs melted to death in their sleep, but the other 69 dwarfs are alive and well! We even caught a moose!

Point of Interest: Minor Troubles

I was HOPING to install a floodgate next to this engraved cluster of Zircon (the image engraved is the symbol of our civilization, a goblin-cap) but I accidentally designated the other side of this magma chute. Luckily I had installed both sets of bridges.

I lost nearly all my trade goods and practice bolts (about a years worth, actually) and all the previously created blocks of stone. Not too worried in all truth. - Salmeuk

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2016-02-01 to 108 Mid Spring

No fort is complete without a magma disaster.

Nice waterworks. Brave to make them from a non-enclosed pool of water. How'd the mechanic get stuck in there?

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-02-01 to 108 Mid Spring

read year 107, that's not a mechanic but my legendary Siege Engineer. Well, he was only legendary for about a week before deciding to haul one particularly important alunite boulder, and through a rather dwarvenly set of events found himself with a pair of broken legs at the bottom of a 4 z-level waterfall with no way out (the exit staircase you see was hastily designated but wasn't finished before he drowned).

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