Irondrinkers - 144 Late Winter by Tharis

Map Description:

I decided I'd just run a fort for a while without any "big ideas."

Getting close to retirement, I think. Not sure if I want to bother to make it the mountainhome, though I certainly could.

Point of Interest: Farmworks

The idea was that the stairs on the left would go straight down to all of the food stockpiles that would feed all of the dining halls.

I tried a decentralized dining system, with a small (by my standards) dining hall near every workshop, and bedrooms surrounding assigned to particular laborers.

It all felt very tidy until a loyalty cascade wiped out almost the entire fort. After that it seemed like too much bother to set it all up again. - Tharis

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2016-04-14 to 144 Late Winter

It's like a progressive fortress as much as I can judge!

Submitted by: Tharis - 2016-04-14 to 144 Late Winter

Progressive? What's that mean here?

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