Darkvault - 76 Early Autumn by Salmeuk

Map Description:

Welcome to Darkvault. Let me introduce to you one of my favorite fortresses in YEARS, and let me speak quickly because a siege just arrived and I don't know if this place if going to survive. We're at 80 dwarves but have few weapons and no armor . . . I am not a tactical overseer.

This fortress is defined by the features of the first cavern. A huge pillar of stone has been carved and tunneled into a somewhat compact fortress. Surrounded by a lake, the pillar is probably the most awesome cavern geology I've ever seen. Another lake sits a few levels above, and the rest of the cavern terrain is open and free of convoluted passageways.

It's so awesome I haven't even bothered to dig deeper.

Point of Interest: Food!

So most of my food sits here, surrounded by farms.

This wasn't actually set up until about an in-game month ago, but since surface foraging is OP I was doing fine.

I have like 2k booze and 1k plants + misc meats and fishes.

I might turn this middle part into a well. - Salmeuk

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2016-06-03 to 76 Early Autumn

Wow, cool looking use of cavern formation

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