Deathgame-Deathgame - 503 Early Spring by Fleeting Frames

Map Description:

The state of the succession fortress of Deathgame, of dwarves of The Faint Ring hailing from the Doors of evening, led for the third year by Fleeting Frames.

POIs maybe added later.

Point of Interest: Inorganic Industry

( 503 Early Spring → onwards )

Making heavy use of downward ramps inside workshops (thus effectively storing heavy materiel inside of them), here are the forges, the mason, the jeweler, with levels below having the sorting smelters and stockpiles and the mechanics, with stonecrafting on bottom.

Centered on the screen is a forge and jeweler-led encrusting with gold and native gold. While the minecart QSP here gives an appearance of take-give loop, it is mostly for compactness while the actual take is actually done by burrow restrictions, as to not wait on hauler to take the jeweled crown outside a workshop and then another to take it into a cart.

Meanwhile, the QSP to the south stores mastework gear.

Speaking of which, the experience revealed the need for more smelters - when producing it, better lock down a smelter for smelting non-masterwork gear - as well as larger feeder piles, as while non-food things do not rot, they can still clutter up a workshops. - Fleeting Frames

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-09-05 to 503 Early Spring

That dodge training is completely new to me, awesome

though it is too bad about the venom

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2016-09-11 to 503 Early Spring

Yeah. Completed in summer (slow architects), it yields somewhere around 1k exp per day per dwarf (being very consistent). It takes longer to max out all five (Agility, Endurance, Toughness, Spatial Sense, Kinesthetic Sense), though. Many dwarfves have 4400-4900 caps.

Additional time is incurred to get all the military to station inside 1 room (sleep/eat/pray/etc.). There's also some fiddling with minecarts when they won't move to pick few of them up; this is generally solved by mass-forbidding them, letting them give a job cancellation, then reclaiming.

This implementation is decent for stat training citizens of preexisting fortress. It's technically child, sleeping citizen and pet-safe, but multiple people in one box gives only ~15% exp and 0,5% in armor user/something else iirc. In a new fortress, might want to make it the only way in instead though.

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