Project Superbowl II - Part 1 - 615 Mid Spring by Shurikane

Map Description:

Here be division by zero.

Point of Interest: 02 - The Nasty Arrival

A pit surrounded the entry ramp. It was filled with molten rock. How it got there, no one could explain. No sign, no statue outlined the site's identity. All that one could see was the gigantic citadel looming not at the mountaintop, but around it. There was an otherworldly, daresay infernal mystery to the place. Not that it wasn't meant to be, but that whoever put this plan into action had long since become... a little unhinged.

One of the macedwarves sarcastically remarked that the grandiose structure must've been due to the expedition leader's small penis. I informed him that the honorable Besmar Riddlebanner had been a woman, and that it was a grave break of form to speak ill of her memory.

A faint, but putrid stench filled the air. The detritus surrounding the ramp had basked in seasons of sunlight, becoming part of the landscape itself. So many arrows pointing back to their origins. - Shurikane

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Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2016-09-18 to 615 Mid Spring

Looking at the world's biggest rain collector, it is easy to be overwhelmed indeed.

So for now, I'll ask: Where did you store the lakes while smoothing their beds?

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-09-20 to 615 Mid Spring

Yeah, this is pretty cool. That whippit is the stuff of nightmares. .

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