Project Superbowl II - Part 1 - 615 Mid Spring by Shurikane

Map Description:

Here be division by zero.

Point of Interest: 07 - Inner Courtyard

We bolted upstairs as fast as we could. The stairs took us to the very top of the mountain.

No one had told us it was a volcano. And now, no one could guess it was one. Everything had been neatly covered up in green glass through and through, making the whole place look artificially made. What little nature remained consisted of the ground's bare rock, untouched and raw.

At the far end of the plateau, we witnessed a large tower of solid gold. Surely the noble quarters. But to the right, we saw... dwarves in a cage.

Once again, we stopped a passing worker. "Excuse me, what are these dwarves in the cage over there?"

"Prisoners." he said without turning to look at us, simply continuing on his way. "They were with a goblin siege party."

"And... how long have they been in there?"

"'Bout 110 years." - Shurikane

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Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2016-09-18 to 615 Mid Spring

Looking at the world's biggest rain collector, it is easy to be overwhelmed indeed.

So for now, I'll ask: Where did you store the lakes while smoothing their beds?

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-09-20 to 615 Mid Spring

Yeah, this is pretty cool. That whippit is the stuff of nightmares. .

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