Project Superbowl II - Part 1 - 615 Mid Spring by Shurikane

Map Description:

Here be division by zero.

Point of Interest: 09 - The Vault

"Now, that's more like it!"

Everyone sprang forth to admire the incredible plethora of items laid out each in their own display case. Gemstones of the highest quality, precious artifacts, clothing decorated with infinite care - there must've been millions' worth in this room alone.

Well, if anything, they have not lost their sense for craftsdwarfship.

But so far, this was the only normality in this mad place. And this, in and of itself, was suspicious.

It was like this was the last bastion of their culture, their origins. And they had merely tucked it away in a convenient box. - Shurikane

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Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2016-09-18 to 615 Mid Spring

Looking at the world's biggest rain collector, it is easy to be overwhelmed indeed.

So for now, I'll ask: Where did you store the lakes while smoothing their beds?

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2016-09-20 to 615 Mid Spring

Yeah, this is pretty cool. That whippit is the stuff of nightmares. .

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